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Introduction Illustration Photo Editing Communication Web 1

Intoduction to Graphic and Web Design

Design history project

For this project, we had to pick our favourite art mouvement and design a plate with the art movement in mind. We then had to pick a store to sell this item. Software used: Adobe Illustrator

Project Alpha

For this project, we had to use every letter from the alphabet and create something. I decided to recreate the Eiffel tower. Software used: Adobe Illustrator

Illustration: Graphic Design 1


For this project, we had to use shapes to create a mandala. We used our creativity to make it aesthetically pleasing. Software used: Adobe Illustrator

Analogue to digital illustation

For this project, we had to draw something and turn it into a digital picture on Illustrator. Software used: Adobe Illustrator

Typography posters

For this project, using Illustrator we had to create a typography poster. Software used: Adobe Illustrator

Photo Editing 1


For this project, we used 5 pictures that we took and had to merge it into one photo. Software used: Adobe Photoshop

Communication and information technologies 1


For this assignment, we had to create a calendar using word. We had to use a grid and merge the cells that we felt was necessary. We had to use fonts that went with the subject of our calendar. Software used: Microsoft Word

Web 1

Alex n Eden!!
Lea, Derek n Nina!!
The Girlss
Hawaii day!!
Grad pics!!

Photo dumb

For this project, I had to create a webite using Virtual Studio Code. I had to make a photo dumb with a theme of my choice. Software used: Virtual Studio Code